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15 Reasons Why People Love Grundfos Water Booster Pumps

Here are reasons why people prefer Grundfos water booster pumps to increase their domestic water pressure.

Water booster pumps are specially designed to boost or increase your home water system’s water pressure and flow rate. Living in a house with low water can be a real struggle. Doing simple things like bathing or washing dishes becomes somewhat frustrating.

Many factors can be responsible for low pressure and flow in a water system. These factors include; gravity, clogged or broken pipes, bad valves, distance from the water source, etc. Check out our article on factors responsible for low water pressure here.

Plumbing or Non-Plumbing Problem?

Generally, when you experience a problem in your water system efficiency, it may be either or both of these issues: plumbing or non& plumbing related problems.

If the problem with your water system is plumbing like clogged or broken pipes or bad valves, then a simple call to your plumber to fix the problem will suffice. But if gravity and other non-plumbing related factor is the cause low flow rate and pressure in your home, then the solution lies in installing a water booster pump.

Like explained above, water boosters help increase the pressure and flow rate of the water from the source to all the water outlets available in your home.

How Well Do You Know Grundfos?

Grundfos, in recent years, has established itself as top-rated water systems solution provider with quality and highly efficient products designed to meet unique needs. Grundfos’ collection of water booster pumps are highly efficient, sought after worldwide and trusted by the biggest industries and even fortune 500 companies across the globe.

Here are 15 reasons why people choose Grundfos water booster pumps above their competitors;

  1. Reduced energy consumption: Grundfos water booster pumps have an integrated motor that reduces the energy being consumed by the system while working efficiently at its peak.
  1. Increased comfort: Because of its high efficiency, comfort is restored. With all the taps pouring water at high pressure and increased flow rate, not having to struggle or worry about the inconsistent water flow and pressure is a premium reason to opt for a Grundfos pump.
  1. Unsurpassed operational reliability: Grundfos water booster pumps are unsurpassed in their reliability. Its operation is smooth and hitch-free for a long period of time.
  1. Easy installation: Installing Grundfos pumps are pretty much easy and quick. However, how your pump is installed often determines its operational reliability and life span; therefore, getting it right is of utmost importance. A quick place to stop and mention that as a NO. 1 distributor of Grundfos products in Nigeria,  Pumphouse offers excellent Grundfos product installation services.
  1. Cost friendly: This set of pumps is relatively cheap compared to their competitors; they reduce power consumption (reduced bills); hence, maintenance costs are very cheap.
  1. High efficiency: They work in optimum capacity every time they are in use. They provide adequate supply regardless of the demand at any given time.
  1. Self priming: Grundfos pumps pressures water using an 8meter long suction lift. It can do so above or beneath the water source.
  1. Quality components: The components of Grundfos pumps are manufactured with 316TI stainless steel as a standard material to avoid rust, using CNC technology to fabricate customised parts that ensure durability and longevity.
  1. Long life span: Have no fear about longevity. These pumps are designed to last the test of time.
  1. Meets high water demands: These pumps are so efficient, and they supply water at high pressures and flow rates regardless of how many taps are open at the same time.
  1. Easy to use: These pumps have features that are easy to use. No need to wonder if you need to be a rocket scientist to find your way around the daily use of your Grundfos pumps.
  1. In-built pressure tank: The in-built pressure tank reduces the rate at which the pump starts and stops.
  1. Trusted Brand: With your Grundfos pump, you join the ranks of other top organizations and brands that have chosen and have trusted the Grundfos brand to deliver reliable products.
  1. Easy Repair and Replacement: Should you run into a gridlock, repair and replacement services for the Grundfos pump products are carried out in the blink of an eye thanks to their penetration and wide availability across the globe.
  1. Guaranty and Warranty: When you buy a Grundfos product, you buy dependability, industry-standard quality, and you are covered by the most comprehensive terms, and conditions money can buy on this part of the Universe.

Need a pump? We are certified suppliers and distributors of Grundfos pumps and products. Contact us to help you choose a water booster pump right for your home.



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