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4 Steps to Increasing Your Home’s Water Pressure

Looking for ways to improve your domestic water pressure? Here we explained some steps that can help boost you home's water supply.

Low or fluctuating water pressure can be a significant annoyance, given how much water we use in our daily lives. When the water pressure in our homes drops, as often experienced by many homes in Nigeria, our daily routines are disrupted. However, resolving this issue is not as difficult as many believe.

For domestic water supply, a water booster pump is used to increase the pressure in a water system to ensure that you receive adequate water flow and pressure. Low pressure is frequently encountered in residential buildings during high system usages, such as the mornings and evenings when most people shower and cook. However, it can also occur when multiple faucets in the home are open, when the house is at the end of the supply line, or when the mains pipes are leaking.

Are you tired of low water pressure in your home? Here are four steps on how you can deal with it.

  1. Check Everything And Repair

Before you rush to assign blame, inspect your water supply lines. Determine whether the water pressure is low throughout the house or if the issue is isolated to a single area. Next, determine whether or not there are any leaks. Generally, your water bill does not decrease with increased water pressure. Instead, it increases because the majority of the time, water is leaking in an unnoticeable location. While you’re at it, take a look at the fixtures and plumbing as well. What if a blockage or debris becomes lodged in the pipes? Remove the obstruction, seal the leak, and repair or resolve any issue that can be fixed manually.

  1. Tweak The Pressure Reducing Valve

If the water pressure in your entire house is too low, adjust the pressure reducing valve. A canonical-shaped valve is typically located next to the water meter or in the main water supply.

  1. Call a Professional Plumber

Once you’ve established that your water pressure is low for an unknown reason, contact a professional plumber to inspect the water lines that supply your home.

  1. Install A Pressure Booster Pump

If all else fails, invest in a high-quality home pressure booster pump which has several advantages. To begin, if the pressure is reduced throughout the area, not just in your home, using a booster pump will be highly beneficial. Another advantage is that it is not limited to a single fixture; multiple people can simultaneously use it.

Although a quality pressure booster pump is a bit pricey, the benefits outweigh the cost. Additionally, it is simple to install. All that is required is that you connect the booster pump to the main water line. The pump and tank outputs must be connected to the water tank and hose pipes, respectively. We recommend you consider getting the reliable and easy to install Grundfos SCALA2. It is an integrated water booster pump that ensures all faucets in your home operate at optimal pressure. It includes a pump, motor, tank, sensor, drive, and non-return valve all in one compact unit that is extremely simple to install and requires little time and effort. SCALA2 is the least noisy booster pump available in this price range due to its water-cooled motor.

Additionally, SCALA2’s intelligent pump control ensures that performance is adjusted to meet any demand. As a result, this pump is ideal for commercial water pressure booster applications, domestic groundwater intake, domestic water pressure booster applications, and domestic rainwater harvesting applications. In a nutshell, this will maximize your comfort and efficiency.

You can contact us now to get your Grundfos SCALA 2, which comes with free commissioning.



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