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Pumphouse is a water technology company committed to providing the most innovative and sustainable pumps and auxiliary pumping equipment in Nigeria and environs.


We are making a difference in Nigeria one pump at a time.

We are a leading water technology company located in Nigeria and committed to providing Nigerians with the most innovative and sustainable pumps and auxiliary pumping equipment. From our early beginnings, we have grown into a dynamic and forward-thinking company delivering the most sophisticated projects across a comprehensive application of our products.

As foremost pump dealers in Nigeria and suppliers of all kinds of water pumps ranging from submersible pumping machines to pump boosters to water pumps, pumps are our business and wherever your pump needs fall, we have innovative, efficient, sustainable and efficient solutions for you that improve the overall quality of your life or business.

Our Company

Since 2016, when we opened our doors to our first customers in Nigeria, we have steadily grown and are now represented in all states through local distributors and representatives that equally uphold our company culture and core values.

Our Endorsement

Authorized Grundfos Pump Distributor in Nigeria. As authorized Grundfos dealers in Nigeria, we are proud distributors and suppliers of Grundfos pump products; company that is pioneering solutions to the world’s water and climate challenges and improving the quality of life for people. You can consider us a safe and trusted pair of hands with a business acumen and structure that is well beyond providing pumps; it reflects even in our core values as we strive to work with you, the environment and towards a common goal.

We will guide you through your pump procurement or pump installation process; help you avoid the complex and common pitfalls, codes and regulations that might hinder the work process while remaining transparent, open and professional.

Our Reputation

Pumphouse has an industry reputation for excellence and transparency – these values together with our combined experience through various professionals and experts underpin our performance on any pump project. As authorized distributors all GRUNDFOS Pumps and accessories, we operate across Nigerian states, including the FCT; offering speedy and guaranteed service delivery all-year-round! Wherever you are in Nigeria, we are ready to solve your pump needs thanks to a national presence that stretches across the six geo-political zones of the country with key market locations in Lagos, Kano, Abuja, Kaduna and Port Harcourt. We do not just wait for you to come to us, we follow our client’ needs catering not only to big cities but even the remotest regions in need of pump dealers in Nigeria. Just like water, we are everywhere.

Our Core Values

Our values shape us and define every fibre that makes up the tapestry we call the pumphouse family. Six philosophies govern our existence as a pump company in Nigeria.

Fear of God

Our faith is the most important thing to us that is why we put God first at Pumphouse. We are men and women who are driven by the fear of God and reverence for our Maker. It is from this singular trait that every other value we hold dear find meaning...


From our team to the communities around us, no one is left behind. We realize that teamwork is better than Me-Work so we carry everyone along. Whether you are a staff, client or member of our immediate community, everyone in Pumphouse is sure of an unlimited supply of encouragement


We do not promise and fail. Our interactions and communications with you are always open, honest and confidential. We do not pump you full of hopes and project promises we cannot deliver. At Pumphouse, you get much more than you bargain for in service delivery.


Responsibility and strong moral principles are our watchword. We do not run the Pumphouse without factoring in durable solutions that can help our clients as well as utilize natural resources in the maximum way obtainable. We are uncompromising where quality delivery and adherence to commendable industry practices are mentioned.


At Pumphouse, we hold ourselves to the highest standards obtainable and work with our clients every step of the way. We do not just disappear into thin air, we make sure you are part of the pump journey every step of the way. We are one big family. Whether you are a team member or the child next door, we value the close ties we strive to build with our clients, suppliers and team members.


At Pumphouse, we are constantly developing ourselves and new products to offer better pump solutions. We do not just wait for you to state the problem or need, we take charge of the situation and make sure your needs are catered to. We believe growth is progressive and we are always glad to learn a new thing that can make your pumps pump even faster and better.

Strategy 2030: We Take Responsibility

Nigeria is not left out of the growing water challenges that pose as a threat to developing nations. As we further lean towards a diversified economy and urban and high-rise neighbourhoods, there will be an increasing water need for businesses, industry applications and homes.

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The brand we represent

GRUNDFOS is an excellent manufacturer of all kinds of high-end quality, efficient and eco-friendly pumps, pump service parts and pumps solutions that are well-suited for a wide range of light or heavy-duty industrial, commercial buildings and domestic purposes and more!

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Happy Clients

As foremost pump dealers in Nigeria and suppliers of all kinds of water pumps, we have helped improve the overall quality of life or business of our clients through an innovative, efficient and sustainable pump and water solutions.

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