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We improve comfort and costs with innovative pumps that seamlessly integrate into your air-based or hydraulic cooling system

Get the Best Air-conditioning Solutions.

Our range of air-conditioning solutions caters to a wide range of applications across domestic, commercial and even industrial usage. Thanks to an innovative team and our partnership with an excellent organization, whatever your air-conditioning challenges are, we are sure to deliver:

Our Products are suitable for:

Your choice of pump will affect the overall performance of other components in a circulation system. Efficient pumps are at the centre of any excellently controlled circulation. With our different categories of controllers and integrated frequency converters, be rest assured that we would boost the efficiency of your air-conditioning system and minimize life cycle costs.

With a Grundfos pump solution, you will get pump services and products that are guaranteed to deliver the maximum efficiency obtainable at the minimum cost obtainable. Our distributed pumps solution for commercial air-conditioning will save energy significantly as well as create a comfortable climate throughout the building.

When you choose us, you get:

We have the experience and the team to handle any of your air-conditioning needs. Expect smarter, affordable and more efficient delivery once you choose to work with us.

Air-Conditioning Pump Products

Pumphouse offers a range of pump products and pump services in Nigeria that have been developed to help you get the most out of your pump investment. Contact us today for more information on what pump is the best fit for your project.

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