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Cooling is critical to a wide range of industrial applications. Pumphouse provides cooling systems for buildings and industries with cutting-edge tech solutions.

No Overheating

The leading cause of pump failures in pumping systems is overheating. Our high-quality pumps often include thermal sensors to protect against overheating. These sensors detect when a motor reaches critical temperatures to prevent irreversible damage. Our design will transfer excess heat from the motor and disperse it to prevent heat from building up

Most industrial applications, such as machining processes and heating systems rely on efficient transfer of heat to work at optimal levels. Pumphouse supply a range of Grundfos efficient and reliable pumps and systems for a broad range of cooling applications and for OEM cooling units.

Our range of Grundfos product can be specially adapted to suit your cooling needs no matter the current need of your project.

Our Products are suitable for:

Our Cooling solutions have:

We have the experience and the team to handle any of your heating needs. Expect smarter, affordable and more efficient delivery once you choose to work with us.

Cooling Pump Products

Pumphouse offers a range of pump products and pump services in Nigeria that have been developed to help you get the most out of your pump investment. Contact us today for more information on what pump is the best fit for your project.

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