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Need Durable and Efficient Pressure Bossting Solutions ?

Pumphouse offers pumps that cover a range of applications in pressure boosting using the most innovative and new water tech solutions. Our complete range of Grundfos solar-powered water pumps, inverters and power blenders deliver unrivalled flexibility for boosting applications. Our solar solutions are built to last and optimized to operate hitch-free.

At Pumphouse, we know using traditional energy sources to pump water in remote areas in Nigeria or large spaces can be daunting if not almost impossible task. That is why we choose to go the way of a renewable-energy powered supply that delivers unrivalled reliability and flexibility to our clients.

Below are our pressure boosting pump services in Nigeria using world-class Grundfos product to deliver seamless integration, optimization and low downtimes for your pump systems.

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Pressure-Boosting Pump Products

Pumphouse offers a range of pump products and pump services in Nigeria that have been developed to help you get the most out of your pump investment. Contact us today for more information on what pump is the best fit for your project.

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