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Solar Water Solutions

Our Grundfos solar-powered water pumps offer you a complete line of low-maintenance, inverters and power blenders that deliver unmatched flexibility for irrigation and agriculture water supply and boosting applications

Large scale to household solar water pumping at your fingertips

Pumphouse supplies Grundfos solar-powered water pumps and complete solar water solutions in Nigeria that deliver unmatched and reliable water supply with no ongoing energy costs. Our highly optimized solar solutions can be adapted to suit any application on your farm, home, office or communities.

Know your costs in advance with our low operating costs solar water system that comes with a guarantee of long product life, low maintenance and manageable service requirements. Thanks to the favourable climate in Nigeria, you get a quick solid return on your investment. Let Pumphouse provide you with advice and support to ensure delivery of the accurate and high-quality solar water solution.

Today, we are a national player that leads the way for developing sustainable solar water solutions in Nigeria. Thanks to Grundfos solar water solutions, we can provide you with reliable water supply for crop irrigation, livestock watering for ranchers and game parks, domestic water supply for homes and community water supply for remote communities and urban settlements in Nigeria.

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Solar Water Solutions Product

Pumphouse offers a range of pump products and pump services in Nigeria that have been developed to help you get the most out of your pump investment. Contact us today for more information on what pump is the best fit for your project.

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