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The Grundfos SCALA2: All-in-one water booster pump gives you Perfect water pressure with Intelligent pump control and Easy installation

Best Water Pressure Booster Pump in Nigeria

The Grundfos SCALA2: All-in-one water booster pump gives you Perfect water pressure with Intelligent pump control and Easy installation

If you are looking for the best water pressure booster pump in Nigeria, then you have come to the right place. Difficulties with fluctuating shower temperatures, slow filling toilets, noise from water pipes or pump inside or outside of the home, over time, these irritations can compromise comfort in the house. Luckily, there’s a solution to improving the domestic water supply system – The SCALA Pumps.

The Grundfos SCALA Pump family integrates all components into one compact boosting device that includes a pump, tank, sensor and non-return valve.

Equipped with cutting edge technology, the SCALA1 and SCALA2 use intelligent water-cooling technology to reduce noise and vibration. During typical use, the SCALA1 omits < 47 dB(A) while the SCALA2 omits >55 dB(A) (SCALA1). A decrease in sound level of 10dB(A) will appear as the noise has halved in loudness. For comparison, most dishwashers omit around 46-60 dB during typical use.

For ultimate comfort and intelligent features that adjust performance to the home, choose SCALA2, our premium pump that keeps noise to a minimum and gives perfect water pressure.

The SCALA2 is a fully integrated water booster pump that delivers perfect water pressure to all taps. It features a pump, motor, tank, sensor, drive and non-return valve in one compact unit installed quickly and easily. With its intelligent pump control, SCALA2 adjusts performance to any demand – and with its water-cooled motor, it offers one of the lowest noise levels in its class. This gives you maximum comfort with minimum effort. It is designed to handle all boosting needs in the residential buildings, including:

  • Boosting from city mains
  • Boosting from Tanks
  • Boosting from Shallow wells.

Why is Grundfos SCALA2 All-in-one water booster pump worth buying?

  • Perfect water pressure: Intelligent pump control adjusts operation automatically to deliver perfect water pressure to all taps, even with multiple taps running simultaneously.
  • Low noise: As quiet as a modern dishwasher (47 dB(A) in typical use)
  • Easy installation: Compact, all-in-one solution, plug-and-pump is Self- priming, Weighs 22 LB, and have Compact Designs, which makes installation in tight working places possible.
  • Reliable operation: Dry-running protection, anti-cycling
  • Long lifetime: Quality-tested to perfection, maintenance-free
  • Permanent Magnet motor: A low noise level is likely due to water cooling technology and a permanent magnet motor, making noisy air cooling measures redundant.
  • Built-in Pressure Tank: It reduces the number of start and stops.
  • High-Quality Components

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