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Grundfos CUE

The CUE provides a series of predefined functions which make the converters easy to use in almost all application areas.
Predefined control modes available such as: Constant pressure, Proportional pressure, Constant level, Constant flow.

CUE offers the following inputs and output:
• RS-485 GENIbus
• an analog 0-10 V input for external setpoint
• an analog 0/4-20 mA input for sensor
• four digital inputs for various functions, for instance external start/stop
• two signal relays (C/NO/NC)


Features and benefits
• Speed control of pumps up to 250 kW
• Simple set-up
• Predefined control modes
• Predefined range of sensors
• Predefined pump family data
• Shares interface with control equipment
• Additional functions available
• Automatic setting of direction of rotation
• 16 steps to get a system up and running

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