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Grundfos MQ

Balancing water surges and equalising water flow in the home is important for your comfort and to maintain effective pump operation. The MQ flow-based pressure boosting pump is a straightforward, reliable and user-friendly water supply system that is easy to install and requires no accessories. Its pressure switch and tank are built-in and it is made from corrosion-resistant materials which can be used with clean water. The MQ water supply system has a self-priming pump and diaphragm tank to resolve flow and pressure challenges in many applications.  Grundfos MQ booster are an all-in-one unit, designed for pumping clean water from break tanks and shallow wells, and for general pressure-boosting in private homes, farms, and irrigation. The boosters are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Suitable for:

  • Domestic water pressure boosting

Features and benefits
• All-in-one pressure booster unit
• Easy to install
• Easy to operate
• Self-priming
• Dry-running protection with automatic reset
• Low-noise
• Maintenance-free

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