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SUBMERSIBLE PUMPS: 12 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

To help you choose the best submersible pump for your needs, we've compiled answers to 12 frequently asked questions.

Getting the right pumping system can be an arduous task. Sometimes, you may want to know what pump is best for your hot or cold water use. Other times, it could be something as simple as checking the pressure gauge of your pump system. No matter what your search enquiry maybe, relax! Pumphouse has got you covered.

In this article, we have complied 17 frequently asked questions that will help you select the best option for your pumping needs or help you maintain an existing one.  

12 FAQs about Submersible Water Pump Products

  1. Which submersible pump is best for home use?

The Grundfos Lion 14942402 Submersible Deep Well Pump should be your best alternative for home water use.

  1. How does a submersible water pump work?

Submersible pumps are pumps that are submerged in water, as the name suggests. Their motor is usually tightly (airtight) sealed and coupled to the body of the pump. Submersible pumps push water to the surface when rotary energy is converted into kinetic energy and then pressure energy. Water gets into the pump by water pressure and is then moved to the surface by pressure energy.

  1. How much is a submersible pumping machine in Nigeria?

The cost of a submersible pump depends on brand, power, output, coil, type, number of wires and durability. An example is Grundfos solar submersible which can range from N750,000 to N800,000.

  1. What size of submersible pump do I need?

The size of your submersible pump depends mainly on the following:

  • The number of outlets and appliances that need water in your home.
  • The pumps horsepower; the farther the distance, the more the horsepower required.
  • The distance of the water source from home.
  1. How do I choose a submersible well pump?

To choose the right submersible well pump for your home, you have to determine the following;

  • The depth of your water well
  • The design point (i.e. the flow rate and the amount of pressure the pump needs to produce).
  1. What are the types of submersible pumps?

Here are many kinds of submersible pumps to choose from depending on your water needs:  Bladder pumps, Bilge and ballast pumps, Borehole pumps, Booster Pumps, Centrifugal Pumps,  Condensate Pumps, Dewatering pumps,  Fountain pumps, Grinder pumps,  Macerator pumps, Micropumps,  Sampling pumps, Trash Pumps,  Utility Pumps, Well pumps etc.

  1. Why does a submersible pump need a pressure tank?

While a submersible pump can work pretty well without a pressure tank, submersible pumps will last longer with a pressure tank. The pressure tanks prevent the pump from cycling, which can be bad for the pump’s lifespan.

  1. How long do submersible well pumps last?

If well maintained and properly taken care of, submersible well pumps can last for up to 15years!

  1. What is the stages of a submersible pump?

Stages are a set of impellers and diffusers responsible for pushing water to the well surface.

  1. What is an open well submersible pump?

An open well submersible pump is a pump that is completely submerged in water and is hermetically sealed. Application of Open Well Submersible Pump includes Irrigation and gardening, Underground reservoirs/tanks in bungalows and apartments, sprinklers and fountains, Hospitals, hostels, swimming pools, commercial complexes and hotels etc.

  1. How deep can a submersible well pump go?

A typical submersible pump can function at optimal capacity from a depth up to 400ft.

  1. Where Can I get Grundfos Submersible Pump in Nigeria?

At the PumpHouse, we supply your business or home use with the best Grundfos pump. We are an approved dealer of all Grundfos pump products. To order for any of these products, get in touch with us here, and we’ll walk you through selecting the correct pump system.

Grundfos Installation, Repair and Maintenance Outlet in Nigeria

At Pump House Limited, we carry out routine maintenance, repair and installation of all Grundfos products listed in our store.

We hope these FAQs will go a long way in quelling whatever doubts you have about choosing a pump product or arriving at the best pump solution for your water needs.

If you still have some unsettled questions, you can reach out to us here, and our customer care representative will be at hand to talk with you. Choose pumphouse, choose premium delivery.



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