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What you should know about Grundfos SCALA 2

Everything you need to know about the SCALA2 pump is covered in this article. SCALA pumps are available for purchase, installation, maintenance, and repair at Pumphouse.

Every home needs a reliable and efficient water supply. The need, however, for efficiency in the collection of water into homes largely depends on the pump system. Water is needed everywhere in the house and for several reasons: cooking, drinking, washing, cleaning, bathing, etc.

The inadequate supply of water in homes can be frustrating. It may be due to several issues within the pump system, such as shower pressure and temperature fluctuating, the toilet taking time to fill. Most times, this inadequacy can be corrected by efficient water pumps with the proper pressure boosting capabilities.

Over the years, the Grundfos company has proven to be a reliable and efficient option when searching for water supply and pressure problems. In this case, the Grundfos SCALA pumps are effective solutions.


The SCALA pumps stand out because of their unique and intelligent water-cooling technology that reduces vibrations and noise. They are also notable for having all components integrated into one unit. There are two types of  SCALA pumps: SCALA1 and SCALA2.

This article focuses on everything you need to know about the SCALA2 pump. At Pumphouse, we offer both sales, installation, maintenance and repair of the SCALA pumps.


The SCALA2 pump efficiently provides constant and perfect pressure to all taps. It is fully integrated, and its components include a motor, sensor, drive, tank and a non-return valve, all compact in one unit, making it easy to install. This variable and intelligent speed pump adjusts its performance to suit any demand. It is a self-priming pump making it possible to work efficiently above and below groundwater.

Grand Features of SCALA2 Pump

  1. Self-priming: this pump pressures water from above or below the water source with a suction lift usually up to 8meters and self-primes up to 4meters.
  1. Variable speed: Notwithstanding variable demand from the several outlets available, the pump adjusts its performance to provide perfect and constant pressure.
  1. Energy-efficient: the SCALA2 has a customised magnet motor that helps reduce energy consumption, while the frequency controller allows the required water output with the power consumption. This helps to conserve energy and keeping the bills well within budget. The magnetic motor and the water cooling technology, on the other hand, also helps reduce the noise made by the pump to its minimum.
  1. Simple selection: the model suits every domestic application making it a simple selection pump to install for a range of use.
  1. Protective functions: to ensure longevity, certain protective features are integrated into the make-up of the SCALA2 pump. Features such as the dry-run protection, anti-cycling alarm, auto-reset and maximum continuous-time limit (30minutes) are premium options the SCALA2 offers.
  1. Integrated non-return valve: all the pump requires is to be plugged and pumped. No additional return valve is needed. That is as simple as it can be!
  1.  Built-in pressure tank: this reduces the rate of start and stop. You may want to settle here if this is a concern for your pumping needs.
  1. Easy to use: my oh my! The led indicators displaying power status, the pressure settings and the alarm indicators make it easy to use and detect malfunction.
  1. Easy installations: Perhaps, this is why the SCALA2 is a favourite. It has no headache-inducing function. This pump uses integrated speed control enabling perfect water pressure at the taps, meaning that the pump performance increases with increasing demand.

How to Install the SCALA2

The Grundfos SCALA2 can be installed in three easy steps:

  1. Connect the pipes.
  2. Prime the pump.
  3. Plug the pump into a power outlet, and you are good to go.

The Grundfos SCALA2 pump is suitable for:

  • Commercial water pressure boosting.
  • Domestic groundwater intake.
  • Domestic water pressure boosting.
  • Domestic rainwater harvesting.

The Pump House Limited offers a wide range of efficient and timely pump system installation, maintenance and repair of Grundfos pump and pump-related products. Waste no time; call us today to help fix your water pressure problems with the efficient SCALA2 pump.



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